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Press Release

Date Press Release
05/4/2012 Soundwill Holdings Limited announces the establishment of and investment in a Private Real Estate Fund
22/3/2012 Soundwill Holdings Limited Annual Results 2011 Continuous Growth in Investment Properties
21/1/2012 17 & 19 Hing Wan Street HKD94 million sale transaction completed in advance
19/12/2011 Acquired 100% Ownership of 66 Fort St. & 57 Kin Wah St., North Point
24/11/2011 Property transcation of 1-11A San Wai Street completed in advance for HK$325
10/11/2011 Acquisition of Land Site in Hong Kong Mid-level West 14 – 16 Mosque Street
10/10/2011 Successfully Acquired 100% Ownership of 13 – 15 Mercury Street, North Point
21/9/2011 Successfully Acquired 100% Ownership of 13 – 15 Mercury Street, North Point
16/9/2011 Soundwill Holdings Limited is pleased to announce that the HKD459 million sales transaction of 14-20 Merlin Street (the “Project”) has achieved significant progress and was completed approx. 6 months ahead of schedule on 15 September 2011
24/8/2011 Soundwill Holdings Limited Interim Result 2011
18/5/2011 Soundwill Becomes Constituent Stock of MSCI Hong Kong Small Cap Index
12/4/2011 HK$108 million share placement to renowned institutional investor
08/4/2011 Soundwill Holdings Limited Sale of Land Site in 14, 16, 18 and 20 Merlin Street, North Point
05/1/2011 Soundwill Group Successful Acquisition of Land Site in 14-20 Merlin St., North Point
30/11/2010 Soundwill has successfully acquired the ownership of Sharp St. & Yiu Wa St. at Causeway Bay
04/10/2010 Soundwill has successfully acquired the ownership of Nos. 18-21 School Street at Tai Hang
25/8/2010 Soundwill Holdings Limited Interim Result 2010 - Recorded Profit approx. HK$538,675,000
22/4/2010 Soundwill Holdings Financial Report 2009 - Continual Growth and 561% Increment in Profits
18/9/2009 Soundwill Holdings' Interim Report for First Half of 2009 Satisfactory Financial Position with Approximately 558% Growth in Profit
27/5/2009 Soundwill Successfully Acquired Title to 48 and 50 Haven Street at Reserve Price Accelerates Redevelopment and Strengthens Appreciation Potential
16/4/2009 Soundwill Holdings Financial Report 2008 Continual Growth and 18% Increment in Property Leasing Income Amounted to HK$173 million Recorded
24/6/2008 Soundwill Holdings' Enters Agreement To Dispose Properties in Lin Fa Kung Streets for HK$115 Million
29/5/2008 Soundwill Successfully Secures Total Control of Tang Lung Street Project's Ownership Turns the sites into a Ginza-style Commercial Building Strengthens the Group's Leasing Portfolio
05/5/2008 Soundwill Holdings' Disposes Property in Jones Street & Warren Street, Tai Hang for HK$470 Million with a Net Gain of HK$200 Million
23/4/2008 Soundwill's Acquisition of Tang Lung Street Project in Its Final Stage Strengthen Redevelopment Business & Further Consolidate Revenue Basis
15/4/2008 Soundwill's 2007 Profit Attributable to Equity Holders Increases by 152%
19/9/2007 Soundwill Holdings' Rental Income From Property Leasing in HK Increase by 18%
14/8/2007 Soundwill To Gain HK$45 Million From the Disprosal of a Property in Causeway Bay
23/4/2007 Soundwill Holdings Limited Announces Annual Results for 2006 Net Profit Excluding Fair Value Adjustment Effect Surged By Over 50%
22/4/2007 Soundwill Holdings Limited Disposes Property in Bowrindton Road, Causeway Bay for HK$230 Million with a Net Gain HK$90 Million
21/4/2006 Soundwill Holdings Limited Announces Annual Results for 2005 Positive Financial Performance, Dividends to Shareholders