Business Profile

  • The investment properties held by the Group include commercial, office and residential buildings, as well as advertising spaces. Most of them are located in prime commercial spots, such as Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui. Being in the centre of activities, they make the most of geographic advantage.

    We have effectively grown the value of our properties through ongoing works in reconstruction, redevelopment, renovation and restoration. As a result, our rental income has risen significantly at a steady pace. Achievements from these works have also helped us cement a good reputation.

  • The Group focuses on the development of medium to high end commercial and residential complexes. The solid quality of our land reserves allows us to attain diversification in Real Estate Development and investments more flexibly in different property markets and environments.
  • The Group’s building management and maintenance subsidiaries provide professional and high-quality management services (including customer, concierge, as well as repair & maintenance services) to both large-scale commercial buildings and small and medium-sized estates. By constantly refining the services we offer, these businesses have successfully further raised overall service standards at our properties.
  • The Group will further commit ourselves to growing the value of our properties in order to strengthen our rental income and recurring revenues. We will continue to explore development opportunities and expand its profit and development potential through innovation and aggressive marketing.